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A Long Overdue Update

Posted: January 15, 2011 in News and General Posts

I originally started this blog as a way to keep my mind sharp (and to remain sane) during the summer before my final year of grad school.  At that time, I noticed that a few books on my to-read list shared something in common: they were the authors’ firsts, mostly published by smaller presses.

Reviewing books that fell under this category and posting them on a blog seemed like a great way to get the word out about these writers to my friends.  And since I was reviewing books from primarily first-time authors, I also figured it would be easier to get interviews from them, too.  I didn’t expect anyone outside my circle of book-loving friends and acquaintances to visit and read the blog.

Turns out that writers and publishers and agents and PR reps check out these kinds of sites, then they send you free books, and almost two years later you’re still working on the same summer project.

That said, I haven’t kept up with the original mission statement: “Once a week, the blog will feature a review of a recent book release…”  At times I’ve gone several weeks, even months, without posting updates, let alone reviews.  This operation is a one-man show—one that doesn’t pay, keep in mind—and with all my other personal and professional obligations, maintaining this site rarely tops my list of priorities.  Even though I wish that weren’t the case.

So I wanted to post a somewhat formal announcement to state that I won’t be reviewing books for this site on any type of regular basis.  Though it shouldn’t really come as a surprise, since I haven’t been posting regularly for some time, now.  Even so, I felt the need to explain myself, in case the updating becomes less frequent than it already has.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ve enjoyed what’s been posted so far!

—Dan DeWolf