Recent and Forthcoming Releases

Posted: June 4, 2011 in New Releases 2011

Enough About Love by Hervé Le Tellier (2/1/2011)
The London Train by Tessa Hadley (2/7/2011)
I Think Again of Those Ancient Chinese Poets by Tom Sexton (2/15/2011)
The Book of Men by Dorianne Laux (2/28/2011)
Space, In Chains by Laura Kasischke (3/15/2011)
Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell (3/22/2011)
Invisible Strings by Jim Moore (3/29/2011)
The FSG Book of Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry (editor) Ilan Stavans (3/29/2011)
In Zanesville by Jo Ann Beard (4/25/2011)
Fall Higher by Dean Young (4/26/2011)
Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks (5/3/2011)
Vaclav & Lena by Haley Tanner (5/17/2011)
Long Drive Home by Will Allison (5/17/2011)
They Could No Longer Contain Themselves: A Collection of Five Flash Chapbooks by Elizabeth J. Colen, John Jodzio, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Sean Lovelace, and Mary Miller (5/18/2011)
Dreams of Joy by Lisa See (5/31/2011)
To Be Sung Underwater by Tom McNeal (6/2/2011)
The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture by David Mamet (6/2/2011)
State of Wonder by Ann Patchett (6/7/2011)
A Thousand Pearls (for a Thousand Pennies) by Hervé Le Tellier (7/19/2011)
The Sextine Chapel by Hervé Le Tellier (7/19/2011)

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