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The second issue of Wag’s Revue–a free, online-only literary magazine–is now available for your reading pleasure at  This issue features the following:

According to its manifesto, the quarterly’s editors are “intent on revolutionizing online literature. We wish to create something entirely of the internet, never printed and never meant to be printed, but with all the editorial and aesthetic controls that entice people to read and trust the finest printed media.”

I highly recommend this to everyone.  The quality of writing, the artwork and photography, the interviews, the ease of navigating through the site–all of these aspects will make a visit over there worth your time.  Check it out, bookmark it, and revisit the site when Issue 3 is released in September.  Again, it’s free!

Also note:  Wag’s Revue accepts unsolicited manuscripts.  If you’re interested in sending them your work, make sure to read the submission guidelines page for all of the details.