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I’ve searched high and low for an interview with C.E. Morgan about writing, but there aren’t many conversations with her on the web.  Click here for a quick Q&A with the writer at January Magazine.

Morgan, on her picks for the novel’s soundtrack:

A playlist for the novel might have provided a list of the best acts working in contemporary bluegrass, because the work is set in East-Central Kentucky where bluegrass is ubiquitous (as well as old-time, gospel, and country). Or, because the protagonist of the novel is a pianist, it could have been a ‘best of’ primer for solo piano- a bottomless well of a repertoire, one easily dipped into with something like the Moonlight Sonata (speaking of ubiquitous), but a little more challenging to explore in a comprehensive manner without guidance.

To see the set list over at largehearted boy, click here.

To hear Morgan read an excerpt from All the Living, click here.